Important Documents


To be able to make civil marriage in Cyprus, the couple must present certain documents and fullfill some requirements.  The first requirement is to present legal identification or travel documents, such as passport. You also must be in possession of evidence that you are free to marry, such as a confirmation from the competent authority of your country (i.e. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

In other words you must have a signed, stamped paper saying that you are not already married, and this document must be new and fresh, no more than 3 months old in our experience, on the day you wish to wed. Sometimes you can get it from your Embassy or from the court, depending upon your nationality and certain other parameters, if they allow you to sign an affidavit they will stamp it for you. That is the easiest route to follow, but to be on the safe side, please find out before you come to Cyprus.

All documents regarding legal divorce, certificates in cases of divorces, certificates of widowhood etc, must be duly certified by a competent authority of your country (i.e. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a licensed attorney, solicitor, or notary etc.) as a true and valid document for the period of the application for civil marriage in Cyprus.

Documents for Lebanese Citizens

IKHRAJ KAID FARDI ( one original and one true copy attested) W 3A2ILI for the man and the women.  they must be Translated also to English and attested  ( msada2in) at DA2IRAT AL NOUFOUS from which they got the 2ekhraj al keid, also attested from the ministry of foreign affairs (wizaret al kharijiyi al loubnaniyi) and also attested from the COUNSULATE of CYPRUS in Beirut.
Decree of Absolute (if divorcee), Certificate of Death (if widow/widower). they must be Translated also to English and attested like the other papers as above
For Lebanese citizens, true copies of all above papers are required with all attestations as above except from the Consulate of Cyprus.

To summarize

1. Certificate of No impediment of Marriage (each country has a different department that can provide this certificate) not more than 3 months old
2. Birth Certificates
3. Passports
4. Decree Absolute, (if applicable, i.e. you are divorced)
5. Death Certificate of your spouse, in the case of widows or widowers.