Wedding Decorations

It’s custom that you, the bride and the groom, to want sometimes to have more in your wedding from the side of decorations. It’s not only the flowers or the cake’s decorations, but there are also other small and mystical, amazing and surprising, creative, hilarious things that will make your wedding look like it came out of a fairy tale, or any other tale that you like.

Wedding decorations: What are they? And why they are so important, as we believe, for a wedding to make it memorable? Because your wedding, as we promise you, is going to be memorable, unforgettable for a lifetime, for you and also your guests.

Weding Decoration

Are decorations, we say, the ones that “spice” the event, that add the “sugar” and the “salt” in your wedding, like a nice food or cake? We say yes! Like you, bride and groom, will say yes to each other in your vows and take your man or woman as husband and respectively as wife.

Therefore you may decorate your ceremony place and venue with beautiful and dedicated items, inspired, of course, from your wedding theme. Again, maybe your theme, according to the location is the sea, so you will use matching decorations, like the ones proposed: sea stars and sand from the cypriot beaches spread all over the tables and place, fisher’s nests with flowers hanged from the wooden kiosk and dancing floor, vases with water and goldfishes.

You may like to have “bombonieres”, give aways, as anti-gifts for your guests, fireworks to twinkle into the night, special lights, small hearts or stars thrown on your dinner tables, labels with written words on them such as “Mr and Mrs Wonderful”, “You and me”, “Love conquers everything”. Thought give aways are not considered much of decoration as of items of respect, we refer to them here as a matter of elegant choice of the couple for their honoree people.

Again, we, the team of our company, will get you the best decorators of Cyprus and find and arrange for you the “garnishing” of your wedding day.

Wedding Decor